To enhance wildland fuels and corridor management with intelligent information services for stakeholders focused on reducing our communities' wildfire risks while stewarding our natural resources.   


To this end, our information products and services are designed to deliver data-driven insights for multiple uses and industries.  We accomplish this by using the most advanced aerial technologies complemented by a diverse team of subject matter experts. The results are highly detailed reporting, application-specific data prescriptions, and a client-specific dashboard to access all data at anytime.

Whether you are initiating your community's fuels management program or enhancing your public-private partnership with data driven decisions, contact us today to discuss how our information services can ultimately save you time, money, and reduce your overall risk exposure to wildland fires.

Archive, Encryption, and Security





Alchemy's industry-tailored information services deliver timely answers and expert driven analysis. Streamlined microservices provide a myriad of stakeholders timely insights that save our customers from inconsistent assessments, ineffective risk mitigation, and wasted resources. 
From our fire fuels assessments and forest inventories to detailed asset inspections, your resources are efficiently utilized to reduce overall risks.



Alchemy's data engineers derive insight by inputting our customers' specific requirements to our one-of-a-kind technology. Our network of applied scientists interpret results against field validation to ensure our accurate insights. Our subject matter experts then customize your action prescriptions. From wildland fuels, detailed topographical models, and sensitive vegetation inventories, each project is different. 

This approach provides diverse

stakeholders and technical disciplines alike a shared foundation of information upon which they can orchestrate their coordinated actions.  



Alchemy's gathered data, images, and maps are delivered to each client via the Alchemy portal. The portal is secured on a dedicated off-site server. 


Each client and their team is assigned a password to access their data on their dedicated. DASHBOARD. The multi-layered information is provided without large file downloads or cumbersome software and can be accessed with any device at anytime, anywhere there is Internet service.


Foresters, homeowners' associations, and environmental managers all benefit from our holistic approach.  From characterizing fire fuels and sensitive vegetation zones to property management solutions, our applied solutions allow customers to respond, based upon their expanded knowledge.

The image below is an example of a neighborhood analysis of light (yellow), medium (gold) and heavy (red) fuel encroachments over and around transmission lines (blue) and poles (purple). This immediately reveals which homes have heavy fuels over their roofs and within five feet of their homes. The removal or trimming of these potential fuel areas can be completed immediately for safety.
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Why use Alchemy?


We are a diverse group of fire and data analysts with decades of experience in our respective disciplines: fire behavior and suppression, wildland management, environmental science, geospatial information (GIS), data science, satellite, LiDAR, and spectral imaging.  We have extensive knowledge of advanced data solutions, Fire Behavior Analysis (FBAN), Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), and Fuels Management.  We understand wildland behavior analysis, how to assess environmental factors, or how to rapidly respond to utility emergencies. 

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Our team is dedicated to reducing our communities' wildfire risk.  Through advanced commercial drones, full range sensors, and state-of-the-art data process automation, we aim to characterize the critical environmental characteristics, so risks can be managed.  


We tailor and deliver unmanned earth observation solutions that deliver substantial cost savings and actionable understanding for our customers. 


Customers who need an advanced environmental information stand to gain tremendous operational and business advantage from our commercial solutions.


We match the requirements of your project to data sources and our network of fire specialists and app-lied environmental scientists.  We then pair the latest drone airframes with our advanced sensors, LiDAR, and satellites to capture real-time data that is translated to imagery by our data scientists.  These high-resolution images provide our customers with real information--facts--from which they can make the best decisions and plans.  Stakeholders include operations teams, environmental planners, emergency managers, homeowners' associations, property owners, and more.

We leverage subject matter expertise and advanced earth observation data to deliver information-rich reporting and timely insights.  Our customers' imagery and data is securely archived in their dedicated dashboard enabling them to access their data anytime and any place--even while fighting a wildfire.



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